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AntillaSoft Logo The West Indies were the first land discovered by Christopher Columbus, its name is because the cartographers of the time cited a supposed island called Antilia  located west of the Atlantic ocean.

The term Antilla comes from the Portuguese word Antilhas (anti-island), which some claim to refer to the islands that were diametrically opposed to Portugal. Pizzigano is who  make the first mention of the term in 1424.

However, the first name given for the area (from the native languages​​) were, the Caribbean islands or Camercanes islands. Before the arrival of Columbus to the Americas, the Caribbean tribe inhabited the area north of South America, mainly in the coast of what is now Venezuela and many of its islands.

The AntillaSoft logo was designed based on the repeated colors on the flags of the countries that form the West Indies. Similarly, the triangle and the star is one of the most repeated in the symbols of those nations.